Terms and conditions of use


All extensions have the same "per-installation" usage license:

  • If you or your company personally and directly owns one or multiple webstores, you can use a single license for a multi store Prestashop setup. Separate license must be obtained for each extra installation. Our support service applied only to the module installed on licensed sites.
  • If you are a doing work for another person's website, for example a web design company who is hired by clients with their own websites, you may not share and MUST purchase a separate license for each client.
  • Paid modules are not to be resold or redistributed by any 3rd party seller. We retain all rights to our work.

Support & Refund

Our promise to you is that the module will work exactly as expected in the demo site. Please check the module description and the demo site carefully to make sure that the module will support all your requirements. If you would like extra functionality on the module, please contact us before making a purchase as addition works and fee may apply. Please see the Custom Work section below for more information.

If there are issues with your purchase, we will happily assist you in resolving them. All our modules are tested and working before being listed, but there can be many reasons why certain modules won't work on all sites right out of the box, including but not limited to:

  1. Custom themes that don't have the same syntax as the default theme
  2. Web Server limitations or differences (php version, file permissions, installed extensions, etc)
  3. Other mod/extensions conflicts
  4. Prestashop version conflicts
  5. Directory name changes
  6. Server Operating System

Refunds are only given in the event that we cannot assist you in resolving those issues.

Necessary resolution steps may require remote access to the FTP and/or Admin area of the site in question. Declining access will mean that we are unable to attempt to assist you and refunds will not be issued in these cases.

Please provide the following details when requesting for support:

  1. Email used to purchase the extension or Order ID
  2. Details of the problems, like error messages, what does not work as expected. E.g color boxes are supposed to show on page XYZ but don't etc
  3. Link to the page on the site that has problems, steps to replicate the problem. E.g go to page XYZ, enter ABC then click Submit etc
  4. Admin access to your site
  5. FTP access to your site

These information are required for us to assist you with resolving the problems, we will have them checked as soon as we can after all details are provided.

Custom Work

All custom work is charged "per-job" instead of "per-hour". This allows us to give a fair estimate for a job and charge the exact same fee to someone else. This prevents people from getting ripped off if they paid $200 for 5 hours of work, and then the module is resold at $50. This allows us to subsidize our costs and keeping a low cost module. We retain the rights to all custom works and may resell it at will unless an exclusivity agreement has been made with us.

Exclusivity Agreements

If you'd like to buy an exclusive custom modification that we won't resell, that can be arranged as well for a cost, as we will not be able to subsidize or resell. You can contact us for more information on exclusivity agreements.